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november skies

November skies
Won’t bring me sorrow
They’ll bring to mind
Past love I’ve borrowed

The memories
The fights, the hisses
The deep long walks
The hugs, the kisses

No matter if
Our love has faded
The time we’ve spent
Cannot be traded

For I don’t think
A summer’s wasted
When spent with loves
Whose lips you’ve tasted

November skies
Won’t bring me sorrow
They’ll give me hope
For love tomorrow

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we burned together

black black black black
and brown and blue

your worn paint, makeup, and termite zoo
you were dying inside you there was life
i lived in you
and loved you while i hollowed you out
then refilled you

with memories
while we were worn sad and naive

you’re (you were) just what i needed (need(ed))
for a time
my home away from home
i was just what you needed (need(ed))
for a time
we were just sad kids enjoying the sunlight
from the shade

you’ll never have feelings for me
because you can’t
you’re a house
play with your materials and chemicals
and you’re not real
even if you were to me

it was the realest

i swear
that ashy stack of shingles
while i rebuilt her
she burnt with me

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i crossed a white buck
at the train tracks
untarnished but older still

you’re all of the omens i haven’t decoded
and all of the feelings i’d have run from
if i was the type to listen when the stoplights flashed

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woodpecker outside my window
i bang the wall
slap it
pecker gone

i’m inside
and that wood
was never harder

i love you

but you’re putting holes in this house

and the shingles
and coating
that protect me from rain
are falling off
one by one

and i leak more water

you were my favorite
i left the door open for you
you could of just walked in